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balancing business and poopy diapers as the pretty friend

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Welcome to my blog!!! Thanks for popping in, I certainly won't take too much of your time as I have business and babies to tend to. Actually I don't right now because I shipped them off to their grandparents so I can try to pack our house that we are selling. I'm not sure if you have sold a house before. While you have two toddlers. While your husband works out of town all week and you are on week nine. NINE!. But let me just say that not. all. superheroes. wear. capes. But I'm certain they all drink.

Anywho, I wanted to introduce the blog and let you know my intentions with it. I want to share our crazy, boast my photos and ultimately connect with you! I am a photographer. I am a mother. A wife. A (pretty) friend. And a gal that loves hosting, to do lists, audacious goals and all things coffee and cocktails. I hope to share beautiful photos with a few laughs along the way.

Who: The pretty friend

What: Fresh content from motherhood to business and all the hilarious things my kids say in between. Some weeks it may be the homemade cookies we make after dinner, but some weeks my kids eat their boogers for dinner so I'll promise you this. My pictures will be pretty, my stories will be witty.

When: Every single Friday, I'll be gracing your inboxes.

Why: I am an over the top mom just looking for someone to book me for their next photography session.

Where: Right here at

I'll leave you with the STORY OF THE WEEK. My Eleanor ran up to me with SO much excitement you would have thought I told her she could eat her entire advent calendar before dinner. But she did that the night before so that couldn't have been it. But she did have a trick to show me. Aw, yay I love seeing their creative juices flow! "Watch this, mommy!" "Ok sweetie! Let's see your trick!" I'm actually pumped to see what she has come up with. So I'm waiting and watching and I'm on the edge of my seat when she legit sits down on the ground. That was the trick. I start a slow clap questioning the finale, "So good honey, I've never seen anything like that!" What talent. May your talents this week be greater than my daughter's tricks..

Cheers friends!

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