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a look back at 2019

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

It still blows my mind that this business was actually started in August of 2019. AUGUST! I photographed 80 sessions in the last 5 months of the year. My goal is to almost double that number in full sessions alone. Audacious? Quite possibly.. Doable? There's not a doubt in my mind. I can't wait to capture old clients again and meet all the new clients that are to come in 2020. With a brand new camera, a long list of creative shoots and goals bigger than my head (that's big y'all) 2020 is going to be a year to remember. Let's take a look down memory lane, shall we? Here are a few photos that I absolutely adored from 2019...

Thanks. for a great year, I am truly grateful and thankful for every single session booked!

Cheers, friends!

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